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fediverse.express allows you to set up an instance with many popular providers for as low as $10 per month. Owning your instance this way is like owning a house; we build it for you, and you can peek under the floorboards if you so choose.

To begin setup, choose a provider from the list below. fediverse.express will provision any necessary services for you; so do not do so manually. Feel free to do your research to figure out which one might be best for you and your potential community.

fediverse.express cannot be used on a mobile device. You MUST save the HTML file you are given at the end or you WILL NOT be able to manage your instance or upgrade. This is not possible on a mobile device.

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Advanced users only
Provision yourself and choose your own provider

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You'll need your deployment receipt (HTML file - you saved this when you set up your instance) to use these options.
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Upgrade to the latest version of Pleroma, Misskey, or GoToSocial.

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Frequently Answered Questions

The fediverse is an interconnected network of social media Web sites that communicate using an open, common protocol (in this case, ActivityPub, but there are other choices like diaspora* and Zot). Like Twitter or Facebook, you can write statuses (here, "posts" or "toots"), follow others, like ("favorite") and share ("boost", "repeat", "reblog", or "announce") others' posts. The fediverse is not controlled by Big Tech or its algorithms, so it is more democratic and censorship-resistant.

No. Feel free to join some of the instances that already exist. Regardless of which server you join, you can follow nearly anyone on the Fediverse from your instance. However, you are at the mercy of your instance's admin, though it is just as easy to join another instance if you do not like how it is run. instances.social can help find the instance for you.
No. How you set up your instance is up to you!
  • You can use a managed service, like Tribes, CofeSpace, or masto.host. Setting up instances this way provides maximum simplicity, at the cost of less access and control over your instance.
  • You can install the software yourself, using Misskey, Pleroma, or GoToSocial's installation guides, or via helpful installation scripts like YARRPS or the Ansible playbooks included with this Web site. While this option is not as easy as the managed option, it provides the maximum amount of control you can have over your instance.
  • You can use a service like fediverse.express, which aims to balance the self-installation and managed options.
As the Fediverse is a very polarized place, I keep my identity an (open) secret in an effort to ensure this site’s neutrality. If you need to reach out, you can always do so via fediverseexpress at protonmail.com or @announce@pl.fediverse.express.
I’ll leave my opinions at this: I am extremely dissatisfied with how the Big Tech mafia is handling social media and have a zealous belief that federated networks focused on working towards the common good (instead of profits) are the prime communication method of the future.
This is by far the most frequently-asked question I get. And the answer is, unsatisfyingly: you can’t.

I can and will make some promises, though. I promise that this is pretty much a one-woman show (though we do accept and have accepted code and financial contributions); this project was initially funded by me, myself, and I; and this site is run on a dedicated server within a Docker container located in California. I promise that I run the code unmodified from fediverse.express’s source distribution, and do not make any modifications to the software that is installed on your behalf. I promise that I do not and will never install crypto miners, spyware, or other bad stuff on your deployed server. I promise that I have no interest in whatever you decide to do with your instance, and I do not want to be your moderator. I promise that any contributions I get go towards funding this site and I do not personally gain from whatever comes in. And I promise that I delete any data I don’t need when I’m done with it.

Promises are not enough for people, and I understand that. However, I must regretfully inform you that fediverse.express is not the service for your needs. But - and I will reiterate this - please understand that using this site is not the only way to set up an instance that operates on the fediverse.

I do have some suggestions for you:
  • Take a look at our source code. The source code to everything, including this Web site, is free and open source software, under at least the GNU Affero General Public License. You may find the Ansible playbooks we use to deploy software in the “catgirl” (Misskey) “foxgirl” (Pleroma), and "gotosocial" directories. You may even run the fediverse.express software itself on a server you control and essentially operate a mirror. As long as you follow the terms of the license, anything goes.
  • Use a service from someone you trust. There are several well-respected members within the community that provide managed hosting services, including CofeSpace, Tribes, and masto.host. Feel free to do your research and select a host you are comfortable with. I will not make any specific recommendations.
  • Install the software yourself. The official instructions for Pleroma are here, the guide for Misskey here, and the guide for GoToSocial is here. You may also use “YARRPS”, a more guided option for Pleroma.
Feel free to reach out to us at any time; via e-mail at fediverseexpress at protonmail.com or via the fedi at @announce@pl.fediverse.express. Please keep in mind that this is a free service!